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I am a wife, mom to 3, non profit director, speaker, podcast host and documentary producer born and raised just outside of Philadelphia, PA, where I live and work today.

After losing my mom in 2009 to a rare incurable autoimmune disease called scleroderma, I found myself reeling in grief and with a desire to create more meaningful impact for others as part of my healing. Through my grieving process, as I unraveled the complicated layers of pain, I discovered a more authentic space within myself that was longing to show up and make a positive impact in the world.

This path of self discovery ultimately led me to the work I now do. I came to realize my own potential to do good and drive impact that could cause a ripple affect of good for others. Along the way learning how to show up as my truest self and to live a life of authenticity.

In 2011 I created a non profit, called Project Scleroderma, in honor of my mom and in service to the patient community who suffers from this life altering illness, Scleroderma. Project Scleroderma produces documentary videos and films, highlighting the stories of patients living with this illness all over the world, in an effort to dramatically increase the level of awareness for scleroderma.

I have also since gone on to create and host a podcast called "Be The Good", with a conversation that focuses on the good being done by a diverse group of guests, each who are working in their own unique way to make a difference in the world.

I recently co-created a community called Wisdom Work with my longtime friend Christa Mantey. Our podcast "Wisdom Work With Christa and Christy" is an open dialogue with our community about the inner work necessary to access our own personal wisdom. Christa and I created this community to serve as a safe space for those seeking to strengthen their connection to their own intuition and who are committed to honoring their own authentic personal growth journeys.


Above are the real life examples of how I have learned to show up as my most authentic self to make an impact in this world. I have a range of offerings to help others tap into their true authentic potential, including:

Motivational Speaking

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