10 years ago my family and I lost my mom to a rare disease called scleroderma. My mom, it turned out, had a very aggressive form of this illness and she passed away only 5 months after her diagnosis. Losing my mom was absolutely devastating, especially considering we had never heard of scleroderma and had no idea it would take her life so quickly.


After her passing, I was left with a strong desire to learn more about scleroderma. I learned that this disease affects hundreds of thousands of people, yet the majority of our population has never heard of it. And this lack of awareness causes a lack of funding and support for life-saving research.


Inspired to take action, and in honor of my mom, I founded a non-profit called Project Scleroderma to help raise awareness. My organization's mission is to help give patients suffering from scleroderma a platform to share their stories and an opportunity to raise awareness through the creation of documentary-style videos. 

This work has shown me the true power of human connection and how healing it can be when someone in pain is offered a compassionate listening ear. It has shown me the direct impact of putting compassion into action and has inspired in me a deep desire to help others connect with their own great capacity for compassion as well.

Through this work, I have also discovered a passion for storytelling and a desire to shed light on all the good that is being done in our world by so many. This is how my podcast, Be The Good came to be. On my show, I interview a diverse group of guests, each who are working to make a difference in the world in their own unique way.

It is my hope that this podcast will serve as an opportunity for my listeners to better connect with their own unique talents and gifts and be inspired to take notice of the many ways that they can use these gifts to help make a difference in the world.


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