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Throughout the past decade of my work I have loved nothing more than having the opportunity to connect with audiences in an honest and heartfelt way.


My work with Project Scleroderma has offered me many opportunities to speak and connect with audiences in this way as I share my passion and commitment to shedding light on this rare illness and all who suffer from it, in honor of my mom who lost her life to scleroderma.

In my role as host of "Be The Good" Podcast and co-host of "Wisdom Work With Christa and Christy", I am also passionate about connecting with audiences to discuss other topics as well, such as: connecting to our most authentic selves, cultivating a resilience mindset, creating more balance and wellness in our lives, and how to best leverage our time and talents to make a difference in the world.

I am available to speak for conferences and motivational seminars, or smaller more intimate events as well. See below to browse my talk topics!

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After browsing my talk topics below please reach out via "booking request" to discuss your upcoming events/needs. I am open to tailoring my talks to your specific needs and would love to discuss this further. Thank you!


The Journey Back To Authenticity


In this personal growth talk Christy will guide attendees through a process of releasing mental and emotional blocks that might be standing in the way of showing up in their lives with true authenticity. Along with this talk, Christy offers tangible tools such as writing prompts and journaling exercises to help audiences better connect to their own unique personal growth journeys.

Christy says, "This journey to your most authentic self is ultimately about returning to what is true and aligned for you, it's about getting clear on your own desires and dreams and working to create space in your life for those dreams to take shape."

How To Make An Authentic Impact

With over a decade of experience as a non profit founder/leader, Christy's compassionate and creative driven approach has allowed her to make significant strides for her cause. In this presentation, Christy speaks to the value of leaning in to a service and compassion-forward type of mindset to drive significant impact and how we can best position ourselves to operate in a more authentic way as a force for the greater good.

Christy also shares with audiences about her experience as the creator and host of "Be The Good Podcast". Having had hundreds of powerful conversations with people who are highly dedicated to making a difference, Christy is able to highlight the true pillars of how to lead from a strategically heart centered space and cultivate an authentic and lasting impact.

Christy says, "By getting clear on what it is that you, and/or your business or team, uniquely have to offer the world, you can more easily access the powerful potential you have to be a force for the good."

Self Care and Cultivating A Resilience Mindset

In this wellness talk Christy talks to audiences about the importance of cultivating a resilience mindset in the face of the extremely high stress levels that have become common for most Americans these days. With a focus on self care practices and growth mindset tools, Christy helps audiences develop a greater level of personal empathy and a compassion driven approach to their own personal growth journeys.

Christy says, "We simply cannot live our lives fully without taking care of ourselves. With a focus on mindset shifts and a commitment to regular self care practices we can truly transform the relationship we have with stress, setting us free to live with more ease and with greater personal rewards."

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"Christy is a natural storyteller and was able to weave a variety of stories about resilience into a consistent narrative that highlighted lessons that could be directly applied to our own lives and challenges. She provided anecdotes and stories of a wide range of ways that people learned to carry on with their lives, their careers, and find balance and joy while facing personal and professional adversity.

I highly recommend engaging Christy to work with groups and organizations that have teams that are struggling with burnout, stress, and other forms of adversity. She is a ray of light and provides an eloquent presentation with poignant insights that are both a source of inspiration as well as pragmatic guidance for overcoming personal and professional challenges."






"Christy and I met in 2010 not long after she lost her mom to scleroderma. Out of her tragedy she was motivated by a selfless mission to shed light on this little known disease and help end the suffering of other scleroderma patients by helping them tell their stories.


From the first time we met, I was inspired by her passion, vision, and commitment to give a voice to patients who otherwise might be silent in their fight. Whether it was inspiring donors from a lectern at a fundraising event or through her work with Project Scleroderma, I witnessed Christy as she turned pain into power.


Scleroderma can be an unrelenting and unforgivable disease and with her compassion and kindness she brings to light what it means to live a life of courage and grace in the face of adversity.

She is the epitome of what one can do when inspired to make a difference in the lives of others. And she is doing just that."

- Brian Selfridge
Partner, Meditology Services and CORL Technologies
- Amy Hewitt, Former Executive Director of The Scleroderma Research Foundation
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