More than anything I love having a meaningful conversation with a room full of people, allowing me the opportunity to connect with each person in a heartfelt way.

My work through Project Scleroderma has offered me many opportunities to speak and connect with audiences in this way as I share my passion and commitment to shedding light on this rare illness and all who suffer from it.

In my role as host of "Be The Good" Podcast, I am also passionate about connecting with audiences in many other spaces as well. Ranging from corporate conferences to motivational seminars, or even small intimate events, any of which would allow me the opportunity to discuss how we can best access our most compassionate selves and leverage our time and talents to make a difference in the world. 

Christy Speaking CCHC 2016 NYC.jpg

Since founding my non-profit organization Project Scleroderma, I've spent the past decade speaking internationally at various events related to patient advocacy, including: Bob Saget's Cool Comedy Hot Cuisine Fundraiser for The Scleroderma Research Foundation, Actelion Pharmaceuticals Global Headquarters in Allschwil, Switzerland for World Scleroderma Day, Actelion Pharmaceuticals US Headquarters in San Francisco for Scleroderma Awareness Month,  The Canadian Scleroderma Society Patient Conference, and many more.

If you would be interested in bringing this conversation to your company events I would love to this discuss this with you further!

- Amy Hewitt, Former Executive Director of The Scleroderma Research Foundation

"Christy and I met in 2010 not long after she lost her mom to scleroderma. Out of her tragedy she was motivated by a selfless mission to shed light on this little known disease and help end the suffering of other scleroderma patients by helping them tell their stories.


From the first time we met, I was inspired by her passion, vision, and commitment to give a voice to patients who otherwise might be silent in their fight. Whether it was inspiring donors from a lectern at a fundraising event or through her work with Project Scleroderma, I witnessed Christy as she turned pain into power.


Scleroderma can be an unrelenting and unforgivable disease and with her compassion and kindness she brings to light what it means to live a life of courage and grace in the face of adversity.

She is the epitome of what one can do when inspired to make a difference in the lives of others. And she is doing just that."