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Align and Allow

If you happen to be a listener of The Wisdom Work Podcast, (a show I co-host with my good friend Christa Mantey), then you will know that I like to use this phrase A LOT…”Align and Allow”. On the show, Christa and I are often discussing how to get past what is energetically blocking us from achieving our dreams, goals and desires. We talk about creating more authentic alignment within ourselves and then focusing on the critically important next step, which is to get out of our own way and ALLOW life to unfold as it should!

This sounds great, right? But the truth is it can be a hard practice to put into play. It’s hard because it requires us to take an honest look at how we might be blocking ourselves from receiving. This type of work can be called personal growth, it can be called spiritual growth or self-improvement, whatever you want to call it, it is a path you choose to step on because you believe there is more that you have to offer the world, and there is more for you to experience in your life, you just might not necessarily know how to access it or get the ball rolling. This is where the “Align and Allow” principle can help create massive shifts in your life.

First, we need to address what could be blocking us from receiving. There are many blocks that could be present for us emotionally or mentally that are keeping us from living our lives fully. Those blocks can be: fear, past pain or insecurities, unhealed trauma, harboring guilt or blame, shame, or all of the above! As painful as it may be to look at these shadow sides of ourselves, it is vitally important to address them in order to come into true alignment so that we can allow our lives to flow with more ease.

Some recommendations I would offer for getting a clearer idea of the blocks you need to address would be:

1. Journaling about any pain, fear, insecurities or emotions that feel like they might be stuck or unhealed.

2. Carving out time for a regular meditation practice, allowing yourself some quiet space to FEEL any emotions that might be stuck or suppressed. (Feeling is hard but necessary to release what is stuck).

3. Seeking out a therapist to help you process any painful experiences from your past.

After you begin to process the blocks that is when you can start to focus on coming into alignment. Coming into alignment means getting very clear and honest on what it is that makes you feel expansive vs. what it is that makes you feel constricted. Make a list of people, places, activities, circumstances or goals that make you feel expansive, make you feel hopeful and excited. And then make a similar list of all the things, people or circumstances that make you feel constricted, or stuck and negative. Afterwards, think about how you can take steps towards showing up more authentically in your life, in greater alignment with your truth and your goals, and how you can maybe set some boundaries around the areas (or people) that make you feel constricted or negative.

The next step sounds easy but it can actually be the toughest to stick to, and that is to sit back and ALLOW life to unfold as it should for you. Why is this step the hardest? Because we are control freaks, by nature. We want to know if, how and when our dreams will come true. We want to know that we can do X, Y, and Z to make it happen and we sure as hell don’t have time to wait on universal divine timing to take it’s good old time delivering It to us. But, that’s the catch... all of our forcing, controlling and impatience is only keeping us that much farther away from what it is we truly want and what it is that is truly best for us. Because life is ENERGY… it is meant to be fluid and flowing, it is meant to unfold in it’s own time and our insistence on controlling things is creating massive energy blocks! We are getting in our own way!

The “Align and Allow” principle can majorly shift your life experience in a better direction if you are first, willing to do the honest work of healing yourself(and this is ongoing work!), next, remain committed to staying in alignment with your truth, and lastly, willing to be patient and ALLOW life to flow.

I can promise you this, as hard as the work may be, it is DEEPLY rewarding and the miracles you will see unfold in your life as a result are absolutely worth the effort it takes to shift, grow and expand into the life you truly dream of.

**** On our podcast, Christa and I are always careful to acknowledge that this type of work can be daunting, scary and sometimes it may be necessary to involve a professional to help you process things. Please do not shy away from asking a professional, a coach, or a healer to help you on your path. ****

You will never regret taking steps to create a more beautiful and expansive way of living for yourself and when you do this powerful work your joy will naturally flow to those around you as well. This life is ours to create!

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