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Potential & Possibility

We all have a personal narrative that we have either created ourselves and/or we have co-created with the world around us. It is a narrative that tells us the story of who we are, what we are capable of and what we are not capable of. It tells us what we can define as possible for ourselves and it dictates our perception of our own potential.

Our personal narrative is a story that loops in our minds on a daily basis, whether we are aware of it or not. And, if unchecked, this story can severely limit us by way of a conditioned mindset. If we think we are only capable of accessing a certain skillset, or certain levels of pay, or we believe that we are only worthy of a certain level of success/status etc. than we will of course only aim for those comfort levels, as we are "certain" they are safe and appropriate for us. However, if we take a closer look at how we came to be so certain of these "truths", we might possibly find that this is a story we have been clinging to for a very long time, that upon further inspection, might not actually be true, and may not be serving us very well at all.

In my personal growth talks I like to coach my audiences to challenge their current personal narrative, to examine it closely and see if the story they are telling themselves is really a story they believe in or if it's a story that has possibly been projected onto them by other people in their lives. Many of these projections from the world around us are either well intended to protect us, or are fear based projections meant to keep us small. Either way, it is crucial that we take the time to really evaluate our own personal narratives and closely examine the ways we might potentially be limiting ourselves. Chances are you may be massively underestimating your true potential and therefore holding yourself back from living a life that is more aligned with your core dreams, goals and desires.

Do your current goals really match up to what you know in your heart is possible for you, or do they instead reflect a tale of how you can best stay "safe" and "comfortable"? If the latter is true, you are certainly not alone. Most of us have chosen to stay safe or comfortable in many areas of our lives because we are naturally afraid of stepping outside our comfort zones. But the thing is, outside of our comfort zones is precisely where the magic occurs. Outside of what seems safest is where you are challenged to get very real and honest with yourself about what you are truly capable of. And it is there, just beyond your comfort zone, where you can begin to sense what your true potential is and all the amazing possibilities that lie ahead of you.

When we commit to taking a closer look at this personal narrative we are able to access a greater understanding of our core desires, the dreams we maybe have always held onto but never allowed ourselves to accept as possible. It is our core desires that hold all the possibility, and it is in shifting the story we have been telling ourselves for so long that we are able to set the wheels in motion towards achieving our wildest dreams.

As I often challenge my audiences to focus on introspection, I am going to leave you with these soul provoking questions as well...what is the story you have been telling yourself is true for you and about you? What is the story other people in your life have possibly been projecting onto you, telling you what you are capable of and what you are not capable of? And lastly, what is the story YOU want to be true for you and about you? How can you begin to rewrite that story TODAY?

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